We Are Your Community: Equitable Advisors Pacific Northwest 


For over 160 years, the Pacific Northwest firm of Equitable Advisors has honored our local traditions of community, relationships, and equity. We have made it our mission to bring you the stability of knowing you have a secure future, with the flexibility you want when making sure your resources are put to their best.

Our Pacific Northwest firm focuses on you when building business. We offer industry-leading expertise and skill, working with you towards the highest levels of security, growth, and savings by establishing a clear portfolio of your resources, liabilities, and goals. By focusing on your broad financial picture, we develop responsive and responsible strategies allowing both individual and business clients alike to realize your dreams, protect your families, and plan for your financial future.

Our exclusive team of professionals possesses unparalleled levels of experience and service, plus the special local touch that only the Pacific Northwest firm of Equitable Advisors can provide. We utilize advanced learning techniques, a wide array of best-in-class resources, and professional development programs to ensure that your financial future is in the absolute best hands.

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Management Team

The Pacific Northwest Firm is part of the Western Region of Equitable Advisors and is led by Executive Vice President Don O'Donnell. Don has served the Pacific Northwest region of Equitable Advisors as an advisor, manager, and leader since 1992.






Our Mission

With integrity, expertise, and collaboration, Equitable PNW builds careers and creates personalized financial solutions by providing education and professional guidance.


Our Core Values






Bellevue Office

10500 NE 8th St, Ste 1600

Bellevue, WA 98004-3460

Portland Office

121 SW Morrison St, Ste 875

Portland, OR 97204-3110